Parent Tesimonials

Dear Sunshine Staff & Teachers:

In the past 3/5 years, Sunshine has become almost like a home for Ibrahim where he knows everybody & everybody know him.

His time in Ms. Linda’s & Ms. Maria’s class was filled with a nurturing environment and gave a boost to his confidence and social skills. On the other hand Ms. Seon & Ms. Grace disciplined him academically and formed the strong base for his future.

Without teachers like Ms. Linda & Ms. Seon, it was impossible for us to get our child to NYC GET program.
Thank you for giving our child so much love!!!


Mohammed & Shireen Quaizar

Ever since my son has attended Sunshine Developmental School, his progress has exceeded my expectations. The dedicated staff and teachers at sunshine are excellent at communication and cater to any need or concern you have.

My experience with Sunshine for the past 2 years is nothing but good and positive feedback. Due to the attention they have given my son. I highly recommend if you are looking to have your child attend Sunshine you will not have any regrets. Your child will be safe and given the help he or she needs.

Natalie Guptar

Just as the name “Sunshine” gave my child the light of hope, support and achievement through its great staff and leadership. Their guidance with Special Education was significantly important in creating a bridge for my child, to surpass in her upcoming school years. This would’ve been a battle for me alone as a parent. Sunshine for my child “ITS” her second home, and we will forever be grateful for helping her in her academic endeavor. The teachers specially “Ms. Khana”, the staff and experiences will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you!!!

Ms. Vanessa Almonte

My son Joshua was delayed and very slow with his speech, behavior and other various developments. Since he started attending Sunshine Developmental School, he has improved much more than I expected in a few months. The teachers and staff at Sunshine School are very patient, caring, helpful, etc. I couldn’t have chosen a better school for my son. Everyone there played a big role in Joshua’s life. I am proud of the teachers and staff and my son.

Thank you,

Ms. Muraffa Mohamed

I have really seen improvements.

Sunshine cares!!!

Sunshine has really brought my child to understand and do a lot of things he couldn’t. He improved in speech, physical, occupational therapy etc. I really appreciate Sunshine, because it showed me that there is a second chance for a child who’s delayed. To keep pushing forward in helping my child and I know my child is always in good hands at Sunshine.

Thank you,

Ms. Priscilla Silva

I am glad to write about Sunshine Developmental school. I find the school has the best staff in the NY. The teachers are highest educated and royal behaviors. My son is going to sunshine School for almost 8 months now. He learns so much from his class teachers, such as how to hold and point on the book, hand painting, block building, how to behave with other kids. Before when he didn’t start the school, he used to ask me help a lot. But now, my child is more independent and self-learner.

Thank you to the Sunshine School Staff, who taught my child so much in short period of time.

Thank you,

Ms. Ashraf

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